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Our Story

Hi, a very warm welcome to Max Properties SG!
I'm Yan Goh, a real estate consultant.


After years of being in international branding and marketing roles,       

I'd joined the real estate industry with the goal of helping my clients achieve their property dreams through professional real estate acumen.


Our team strives to help our clients create homes to thrive with their loved ones, or simply to hibernate with oneself.

In this journey lies the potential to start a pathway in real estate to create wealth and meet longer term goals such as retirement and legacy planning.



This scientific approach uses timeless economic principles and an eagle eye approach that are tailored to the needs of our clientele.

Whether you're a first-time homeowner, an upgrader or a savvy investor, feel free to contact me to discuss how we can help you on your real estate journey. ​


I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Through our 5-point blueprint strategy, we believe that consumers deserve more value for their homes
by using in-depth market analysis that meet both their financial and lifestyle goals. 
Yan Goh, Max Properties SG
Why Work with Us?
Why choose Max Properties SG
Customer Centric . Pure Facts. No Hype.

At Max Properties SG, we believe that everyone deserves the maximum value from their homes.

Be it a sanctuary for their own personal stay or an investment property, we assure our clients the delivery of professional real estate advice.  

A detailed proposal is shared with our clients encompassing the following deliverables:


  • Robust property marketing plan 

  • Buyer persona analysis

  • Data driven market analysis

  • Right marketing channels & budget

  • Financial analysis & timeline management

Call us at 9068 9692 or         us
for a chat on your property plans!
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