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7 Tips to Selling A Landed Property For The Best Price

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Singapore’s landed property sales is seeing an all-time high over the recent months. Families are looking to upgrade to larger homes to accommodate working and schooling from home and are also seeking abodes accompanied with lifestyle options such as parks nearby.

In this exclusive interview with Tony Sum from Cluny Development, I’m diving in on why, what and how the Right Property Marketing can garner a home seller a higher chance of getting the best price for their homes.

#1 - Impact of strategic home staging

"Oh, I just love sitting on this couch and gaze at the greenery scene outside. It relaxes me!”, says a prospect during a viewing.

Listening to such prospect’s remarks only reinforces this marketing principle in me as the listing agent - creating the right vibe in a property can help prospects visualise themselves living in a property.

It is said that 60% of people learn by interacting, hearing, seeing while only 20% learn by seeing alone. Can you imagine what more can be done to increase the emotional connection that a potential buyer has for a house at a viewing? (the smell of freshly baked cookies… perhaps!)

Often times, for properties that do not get an offer in the first month, they may even experience a price reduction. It’s found that the cost for not staging a property - leads to a price reduction of the house at 5x to 20x the staging cost.*

“The staging idea from Max Properties SG gave our buyers a chance to interact in an otherwise void area of the living space and make the double volume long passageway in our landed project a more interesting space to thrive in.

It shows a buyer how the furniture can be optimally laid out to enjoy a property better,” said Tony Sum, from Cluny Development.

“Even our associates said the staging made the property feels like a showflat. Adding warmth to it, and making it feel more like a home and not just a house!”, added Tony.

*Stats taken from an article by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals

#2 - The rise of educational marketing

Landed houses are built with more complexities, whether it’s to meet structural design restrictions or to offer varied lifestyle needs to the homeowner.

“With one of our projects, we had consulted a renowned pool builder to advise us on where the pool should best be built on the piece of land. Based on their expertise, we'd followed their recommendation to build the pool at the rooftop of a 3-storey bungalow.

This decision, however, led to several queries from buyers who were concerned about potential leakage,” said Tony.

“To mitigate the situation, bite-sized educational flyers were created by Max Properties SG to share the proven technical credibility of our pool builder, giving buyers the assurance they needed.”

“Through working with the MaxProperties SG team, they showed us how important it is to be a step ahead of our buyers; pre-empt what consumers are saying and help address their concerns.”

So there you go… educational content marketing is another key element that our team at Max Properties SG had found useful in addressing buyers concerns through the sharing of third-party expert advice.

#3 - Identify the buyer personas

“If you’re selling your home to everyone, you’re selling it to no one!”

Identify the right buyer’s profile that fits the persona of the house, and create a marketing plan to target this group of buyers allows efficient marketing to take place (thus reducing unnecessary resources and time spent!).

For instance, would a modern house with a rooftop pool resonate more to a young family with teens compared to a retired couple who has a brood of dogs that keep them company? Perhaps a single level home with lots of lawn would be more appealing to the latter.

Once the target audience is identified through our audit checklist, the next stop is identifying the right marketing channel.

#4 World class property video

With videos ranking as the most popular medium for consumers in today's high-tech world, it's no wonder the real estate industry is now inundated by them.

BUT, not just any video would create a buzz or resonate with buyers. Make them fun or make them musical (as some creative viral videos have shown), but most importantly, share informative content that would help the buyers see the highlights of the property.

“It was gratifying to see the high number of viewings that came through from buyers who had watched the property video that Max Properties filmed for us.

The house we had developed was designed through a modern perspective and we needed to reach out to the right segment of buyers who resonated with the design,” said Tony.

Well said, Tony.

In today’s market, we’re seeing a widening gap among Singapore buyers. There’s the younger generation who may have lived overseas and are exposed to different types of housing designs, compared to the older generation who are used to landed properties built in a more conventional design.

So know the consumers well, and seek them out in the media where they frequent most.

If these 4 tips have piqued your interest on how our team at Max Properties SG can wield some marketing prowess to selling your landed property, reach out to us at (65) 9068 9692 to discuss how the rest of our 7 secrets to landed property marketing can be tailored to market your property.

I look forward to sharing with you more ideas on how to market your landed property for more money!

Aside, keen to know on what's coming up next with Tony and his team at Cluny Development? Read here for more information on their next project - Botanic @ Cluny Park.

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