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This Costly Home Selling Mistake Could Cost You Up to $100,000 or More in Lost Profits

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

What is this costly home selling mistake?

Nearly 100% of traditional listing agents fail to use real-time Persona Research and Development to customize your home preparation plan and property marketing campaigns!

Professional marketers know that every world-class marketing plan starts with a well-defined target audience. Unfortunately for home sellers, traditional agents are not experts in target marketing – often referred to as persona marketing. Agents rarely have access to real-time persona research, and most importantly, they are not trained to interpret this data to create fully developed personas.

As a home seller, your goal should be to sell your home for the Maximum Potential Price. The smartest way to attract the highest offer is to strategically prepare your home to attract the right buyer personas who are excited to pay you top dollar because your home and neighborhood match the lifestyle they’re looking for.

70% of Your Negotiating Leverage is Created Before You Put Your Home on the Market

Not knowing who you are marketing to drastically weakens your ability to attract the specific buyers who are looking for exactly what your home has to offer and as a result, are excited to pay a premium to get exactly what they want. So, if you want to negotiate from strength by attracting high offers and sell your home for its maximum potential price, you need persona research and development before putting your home on the market to make smart choices and avoid costly mistakes in your home preparation plan and property marketing campaigns.

Finally, There is a Smarter Alternative to Antiquated Traditional Property Marketing Methods

Using Persona Research and Development to create an effective home preparation plan and property marketing campaign is just one of the top 10 home selling secrets you need to know if you want to sell your home for its maximum potential price. One of my favourite sayings related to selling homes is “Marketing your home to everybody is like marketing your home to nobody.” It amazes me that home sellers are still hiring traditional agents who use antiquated traditional property marketing methods to sell their home for far less than its maximum potential price. Why should you care? Because depending on the price range of your home, this could cost you, the seller, $40,000, $75,000, even $100,000 or more in lost profits.

Finally, home sellers have an alternative to the “jack-of-all-trades, master of none” traditional agent model. Selling your home for up to 20% above its “as-is” market value doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a team of specialized real estate marketing experts to create and implement a world-class property marketing plan.

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