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Demystifying Low-Risk, High-Profit Potential Properties
A 7-Step Strategic Framework 

Some say the answer to finding a great investment property is as simple as "location, location, location". Would you agree?

Amidst the dynamism of the real estate industry, my team has broken down the analysis to a 7-step framework that clearly maps out the winning factors that traditionally prop up prices for a property. 

These strategic factors take into account both present situational forces and future plans surrounding the property.

Drop us a note to get a complimentary copy of our latest  44pp e-book to help you make better investment decisions from today.




Hi, a very warm welcome to Max Properties SG! I'm Yan Goh, a real estate consultant.


After years of wielding branding and marketing roles in the hospitality and consumer industry, I'd joined the real estate industry with the goal of helping homeowners, buyers and investors achieve their property goals through deeper marketing insights and business acumen.


Our team strives to help our clients create homes for them to thrive with their loved ones or even if it's simply to hibernate with oneself.


In this journey lies the financial potential behind real estate to pave a significant pathway to systematically create wealth meeting longer term plans such as retirement.


We firmly believe that consumers deserve more value for their homes through in-depth analysis that meet both their financial and psychological goals.


Through our 5-point blueprint strategy, it has enabled us to deliver the maximum potential value for our customers.


This scientific approach uses timeless economic principles and world-class marketing that can be tailored to the individual needs of our clientele.

Whether you're a first-time homeowner, an upgrader or a savvy investor, feel free to contact me to explore how we can use this innovative approach to achieve your property goals.

I can be reached at (65) 9068 9692 for a non-obligatory consultation to discuss your real estate plans.


Look forward to speaking with you soon!

Yan Goh

Real Estate Consultation

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Knowing Your Real Estate 

Buying, selling and investing in a home calls for an in-depth know-how spanning across multiple facets - from macro key industry drivers, precise marketing expertise financial planning to local product knowledge.

We've curated commonly asked questions that our clients have into bite-sized articles in a bid to share the right knowledge with our readers amidst the deep, wide blue ocean of the real estate world.  

Feel free to drop us a message if you have a burning question that hasn't been addressed in our blog.


Happy reading & learning!


What My Clients Are Saying

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Mike & SueAnn Chun

The Maximum Value Home Selling System® is a great roadmap that shows you exactly each step of the process.

I definitely recommend using it as we got the right information at the right time and the level of service is hands down better than our past home selling journey. Plus, we sold our house for maximum value!

Marketing Your Property
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Real estate is one of the highest priced possessions that many of us may ever own. 

What is the right strategy to ensure that your property is sold at the highest possible price?  And who would be your dream buyer (who would be willing to put the most money on the table..)?

Through decades of marketing experience, we bring to our clients a clearly defined roadmap to selling their home as a valuable product, going above and beyond the traditional real estate marketing practices.

Integrating the best marketing know-how from established industries, we have developed a 5-point real estate marketing strategy that looks at multi-faceted factors affecting the sale of a property.

Find out more about our real estate selling approach by contacting us at

(65) 9068 9692 for a chat to get the maximum dollar from your property.

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